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Edelweiss Travel at WTM 2016 in London

November 10, 2016


Edelweiss Travel successfully participated in recently passed WTM Travel exhibition in London. In fact, WTM is one of the most common travel venues for us. In comparing with previous year, the number of visitors and interested travel professionals increased significantly. We can surely admit the travel professionals have more particular interest toward our country and our travel products. It is a very good occurrence that Kyrgyzstan is continuing to emerge on the World’s travel map and gaining more and more attraction among amateur and sophisticated travelers and tour operators. We hope that such events as WTM in London will bring further success for us and our partners in future and will make Central Asia closer to each traveler. 

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Istanbul Business meeting


November 5, 2016

IMG 20161104_191511That’s not a secret that members of our office team tend to travel a lot due to our international business activity. Yesterday the representative of our Marketing Department participated in B2B meeting with outgoing tour operators of Turkey in Istanbul. The meeting was initiated by the Agency of Tourism of Kyrgyzstan with support of USAID mission in Kyrgyzstan. We would like to point out the fact the meeting was organized up to the mark in the very warm atmosphere of friendship and cooperation. Interesting fact to be noted – Turkish tour operator are highly interest in Kyrgyzstan as a mountain medical tourism destination. We hope that medical tourism will be restored in Kyrgyzstan due to our friends from Turkey.

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Edelweiss Expedition to Central Kyrgyzstan


July 8, 2016



IMG 4332_stitch

Edelweiss Team is not standing still on the spot. Just recently the office team of our company was informed about the new road construction process in the region of Kekemeren closer to Kyrzyl Oi village (Central Kyrgyzstan, on the way from Bishkek to Son Kul lake). Kyrgyzstan is mostly mountain country and majority of roads course in mountain area with difficult transportation conditions, therefore the news about improving the road conditions is very important for us in arranging travel programs.  As being very interested in new itineraries in Kyrgyzstan for our customers we decided to arrange a small expedition towards this area in order to check up the construction works and new road conditions with future perspective of inclusion these routes in our new and old travel programs. This are is fantistically beuatiful and we sure that now it will be easier for our guest to reach this area and admire nature of Kyrgyzstan. 

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IMG 4058IMG 4079

IMG 4104IMG 4122

IMG 4151IMG 4127

IMG 4139IMG 4192


Firstly we started in Bishkek moving toward south direction via Suusamyr valley reaching Kyzyl Oi village. The construction works are already completed in some areas, in other areas they have just started.  


IMG 4213IMG 4309


The new road in this area is expected to be a wonderful decision of transfer facilitation  in central Kyrgyzstan for improving the passing the travel programs in Kyrgyzstan. 


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Fascinating Jeti Oguz

June 28, 2016


We are continuing working  and telling our prospective guests about the miracles of Kyrgyzstan. Now we want to represent one more beautiful place that is almost always visited by travellers and included into our programs. The speech will be held about Jeti Oguz mountain gorge. It is situated on the East of the country -  just 25 kilometers far from Karakol town - so it is not difficult to get there within few hours. The most interesting point in the gorge - is a group of fantastic rock formations that attract crowds of visitors here and will never left anyone indifferent. The most famous of them is Jeti Oguz (from Kyrgyz language means "Seven Bulls") that greets you at the entrance of the mountain gorge. There is a legend connected with emergence of these rock formations - (actually there a lot of legends connected with Jeti Oguz rockies, but this one is the most usually to be heard) - a young shepherd boy was grazing bulls in the valley and suddenly fell asleep. Meanwhile his seven bulls got lost without their shepherd's attention. They were afraid to death and turned into red rocks, that gave a name to this picturesque gorge. 


The best time to visit Jeti Oguz is from June till the middle of September. Within this period you can experience all the highlights of the gorge - to see the Flower field, overnight in yutrs of local nomads, to watch eagle hunting show, to ride horses,to taste best dishes of Kyrgyz cuisine and spend a wonderful day in one of the best places of Kyrgyzstan.

If you wish to have a tour including Jeti Oguz into the program or you would like to know more about this picturesque place - do not hesitate to contact us via our web-site. We are always welcoming for a new visitors and always happy to assist future travellers.


Motoride Vienna - Ulan Baatar

June 27, 2016

Few days ago Edelweiss Team was visited by its old incredible friends. These three brave guys have already been to Kyrgyzstan many years ago as our customers and become friends after Winter Heliski program in Kyrgyzstan. They are – Alfred, Martin and Herbert having a motorbike ride from Austria to Mongolia on their motorbikes and their way was laying through Kyrgyzstan. Therefore we all haven't missed an opportunity to see each other here again. They needed to make some repairing of their vehicles and we were very happy to assist them.

IMG 1346

One rider is got his granddaughter's picture always with him.

                           IMG 1352                  

                           IMG 1349                

A meeting with representatives of Kyrgyzstan’s motorbike club.

                           IMG 1354

A meeting at our office. Our friends are exploring our vehicles for autosafary programs in Kyrgyz mountains.

                           IMG 1361

We are always happy to meet our friends again and sincerely hope that visit was not the last one.

Dear Frineds, you are always welcome in Kyrgyzstan.

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