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Trip to a Nomad's land

September 20, 2015


September is a nice time to come to Kyrgyzstan. Despite of rainy weather in some regions of our country the nomadic tours still being attractive for visitors to Kyrgyzstan. Just recently we completed new group for combination tour of trekking and experiencing nomadic way of life. Some areas of nomad's habitation are quiet remote from many tourist points and can be reached only by special transport and then by foot. Nevertheless, we use army jeeps especially designed for difficult mountain roads. This kind of transportation really gives an imagination of what nomadic life is. It is a real understanding of living in mountains with unity with nature and time. This kind of program requires not only big interest towards nomadic way of life, but also a big courage to overcome the mountain marchroutes.




Heliski in Kyrgyzstan. Season 2016

Dear Friends and Guests, 

September 1,  2015

We are happy to announce that we are opening the recruiting dates for one of our most exclusive programs 

P1060497- Winter Heliski in Kyrgyzstan!

It is a wonderful opportunity for you and you frineds to experience the free spirit of freeride and off piste mountain skiing. It is a unique opportunity to experience the virgin snow of mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Is is a rare chance to discover the mountain world from a new side!

We do offer the range of Heliski programs in different regions of Kyrgyztan for groups from 6 pax till 16 pax. 

But what if you are single skier? You can collect you friends and peers into one group and become a Tour leader for Helsiki, who is always free of charge!

As previously the best time for coming here for Heliski is end of January till the end of March and the sales are already open.


So....Hurry up. There is still time to book program for your group!

You can find more information about our Heliski program by visiting our web-site

If information there is not enough or you've got special request - you are more than welcome to contact us by our e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

See you in Kyrgyzstan!

Sincerely yours,

Edelweiss Team


To our dear Friends

July 20, 2015

Dear friends,


Edelweiss Travel Company is continuing operating its activities for organizing tours to the Central Asia and Kyrgyzstan and is becoming more and more recognizable tour operator abroad.

Geography of our clientele is quiet rich and expands every year. Basing on the quantity of requests in our mailing system we can definitely point out that we are quite interesting among the clients from Japan and Western Europe. But it is only the top of iceberg. Guest from Germany and France are our constant clients evey year. Just this year we have arranged tours for travelers from Brazil, Spain, the United Kingdom, Holland, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Romania and Austria. Argentina and South Korea are our new partners this year.

We are very happy to realize that Kyrgyzstan is getting more popular and closer for international travelers.

IMG 9273
And this is an accomplishment of our dearest clients, our dearest friends. 

We would like to Thank you that one day you've chosen Kyrgyzstan as your next destination for journey.  

We would like to Thank you for choosing us and for your wonderful feedbacks, nice pictures you're sending us and for remembering us. We still receiving memory photos from our new and old friend till nowadays.  

The Edelweiss Travel Company' Team expresses you its gratitude.

You are always welcome to the land of Kyrgyzstan - to the land of Adventure.                                     

Sincerely yours,

Edelweiss Travel Company

One more bike trip to Kyrgyzstan

July 16, 2015

Actually it is not a secret that our country is so fascinating and delightful, so many of our customers prefer to come here again. And just recently we were welcoming our friends from Japan who were determined to examine the mountain roads of Kyrgyzstan with bicycles one more time. They had a very cool trip in 2008, and now these brave Gentleman decided to overcome the unconquered mountain roads with a new itinerary. They were happy to experience the Kyrgyz hospitality and spirit of pure nature, to examine their forces with bikes and to meet our guides and office team.
One of the clients expressed the phrase that explained the tour in the best way - "Kyrgyzstan is a fairy tale that you wish to read over and over again".

We are always happy to see our friends here again and hope that Kyrgyzstan will become such kind of fairy tale for you.

IMG 9132  IMG 9219

Delightful tour to the Central Asia

   July 3,2015

Recently we got a surprising feedback from our group of tourists from Australia and New Zealand.The group had been visiting all the countries of Central Asia within one trip and got a plenty of impressions. Actually it is not easy to express all their delights here in the written form but the photos below can easily substitute them. (please find other pictures in our gallery).

So, this kind of tour definitely confirms the fact that Central Asia is becoming more and more recognizable travel destination in the world and Australia and Pacific region are coming closer to us.

Edelweiss Travel is very glad to see our friends happy of discovering a new destination for them and is expecting to meet new friends on the tour of the Great Silk Road.

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