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Delightful tour to the Central Asia

   July 3,2015

Recently we got a surprising feedback from our group of tourists from Australia and New Zealand.The group had been visiting all the countries of Central Asia within one trip and got a plenty of impressions. Actually it is not easy to express all their delights here in the written form but the photos below can easily substitute them. (please find other pictures in our gallery).

So, this kind of tour definitely confirms the fact that Central Asia is becoming more and more recognizable travel destination in the world and Australia and Pacific region are coming closer to us.

Edelweiss Travel is very glad to see our friends happy of discovering a new destination for them and is expecting to meet new friends on the tour of the Great Silk Road.

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New ecological itineraries 2015

June 1st, 2015

Summer is came and it means that mountains of Kyrgyzstan open again their trails for the fans of wild nature from all the parts of the world and the rare species of birds and plants of in Kyrgyzstan are waiting for your camera’s lenses. 

IMG 9229

P7040549The team of Edelweiss Travel Company is happy to inform you about the beginning of new itineraries of ecological tours in Kyrgyzstan (programs of flower watching, bird watching etc).

Wildlife lovers will be pleasantly charmed by biological diversity of flora and fauna, the wealth of natural beauty and picturesque mountain scenery. Our services will also surprise you - in the framework of the program you will be accompanied by a scientists of botanics and ornithologist who will you provide information at the professional level and show you rare species of plants and animals listed in the Red Book, which you can find on the open spaces of our country.

If you have questions or need more information, we will be very pleased to receive your letter to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

IMG 2524

IMG 9226



Conferences and business trips

May 14, 2015

The start of tourist season in Kyrgyzstan brings us new opportunities and new aims.In this season the servicing of the foreign delegations and businessmen arriving in Kyrgyzstan and the countries of Central Asia with business purposes is coming out on top our the list of our activities.We are always happy to our guests arriving to us for attending business meetings and forums, conferences, symposiums and negotiations.  You can always rely on our assistance within your business trips to Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.


New direction – Archeological tourism in Central Asia

May 4, 2015

IMG 4529

Edelweiss Travel Company is glad to announce about the opening of new direction of its activity – archeological and historical programs in Central Asia.The programs are designed especially for scientist and for everyone interested in ancient history of mysterious region of Central Asia and include not only visiting of museums and open objects and cultural heritage but the areas of present archeological excavations where you can meet the archeologists and competent experts.

It would be wrong to suppose that Edelweiss Travel Company hasn’t previously arranged something of these programs within its work. But recently due to increased interest from scientists around the world towards Kyrgyzstan we decided to introduce the brand new tourist product combining the discovery of amazing beauty of the region, vestiges of ancient civilizations that had been inhabiting these territories thousands of years ago and also archeological objects that was opened and become available for public just recently. 

Along with the unique opportunity to touch the marks of ancient ancestors of  people of the Central Asia, one of the programs’ features is that the tourists are accompanied by a guide-archaeologist who will introduce you with the latest research and discoveries in the field of archeology on a professional level.

IMG 4546

IMG 4612

Alpiniade in Ala-Archa

May 1st, 2015


Every year on the 1st of May Edelweiss Travel Company takes the direct part in organization of traditional May Alpiniade that is held on the territory of National Natural park “Ala-Archa”.

Alpiniade in Ala-Archa – it is a traditional event of initiation of young enthusiast in to the alpinists of Kyrgyzstan. All the participants successfully reached the top of Komsomolets Peak (4200 meters above the sea level) are rewarded  with badge “Alpinist of Kyrgyzstan”. The badge confirms the start of their alpinist career. 

IMG 7401

The May Alpiniade gathers there not only neopyutes,but also a veterans of this sport. 

Among them is Mrs. Ludmila Zhebina, who celebrated hniade gathers not only neophytes of alpinism,her 90th anniversary this year, and took part in the ascent to the Memorial of Alpinists located on the territory of the Natural Park. The annual program of Alpiniade also includes cleaning the "Ala-Archa" park’s territory and the territory of the Memorial of Alpinists



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