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Edelweiss Travel at WTM London


November 5, 2015

Edelweiss Travel Company is frequent attendant and exhibitor of many international travel fairs worldwide. This time we successfully exhibited at World Trade Market (WTM) in London that started on 2nd of November. We were exhibiting with our frineds from partnering companies of Kyrgyzstan. We found WTM to be very exciting and fascinating travel venue – thousands of interested buyers, hundreds of bright booths attracting visitors to approach closer. Our representative at WTM says: “We found out a rising interest among traders and representatives of British and international tour operators in cooperation with tour operators from Kyrgyzstan. People are searching for new destinations for their vacations where the civilization hasn’t influenced negatively on culture and nature environment. Also there is a high interest towards Great Silk programs”.  Also we were happy with Kyrgyz Embassy visit to our stand.  As any bright and holiday WTM is already finished, but we are full of hope to exhibit there in 2016 and tell the audience more about our little dreamlike country.  

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New plans and winter programs 2016

October 28, 2015


Edelweiss Team is on the preparations for winter season and summer 2016. There is a big deal of work to do – Heliski programs preparations, processing new itineraries and new opportunities. Therefore, winter is promising to be quiet busy for us. In summer season 2016 we are expecting new destinations to be introduces in the range of our programs and launching some big projects about the traveling in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.

If you have any ideas about visiting Kyrgyzstan or probably there are travel opportunities you’d like to propose – you are more that welcome with your questions and wishes to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

We are always glad to help you.

Sincerely yours,

Edelweiss team

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Season's complete!

October 26, 2015

Dear Friends,

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Edelweiss Travel Company is glad to announce that travel Season 2015 in Kyrgyzstan is over.Thank you for choosing Kyrgyzstan as a destination of your vacation. Just recently, we accomplished the services for the final group from Israel and now we are starting preparations for winter programs 2015-2016. We are very satisfied with this season – moreover it started in the end of March and ended in the end of October. This season was rich for visitors, for adventures and for nice memories. That was 7 months of hard work that really worth it! We are happy that our customers are happy by discovering Kyrgyzstan. In addition, due their photos let us recollect bright and nice moments of season 2015 in Kyrgyzstan.
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Memories of Kyrgyzstan

October 19, 2015


We are pleased to point out that many of our guests are very talented. Despite the fact that travel season in Kyrgyzstan is almost over we still receiving nice and beautiful memories from our dearest friends. The pictures they sent us can tell more than the most exquisite words. And it is one more fact proving that Kyrgyzstan is a country better to be seen once than to be heard about over and over again. In addition, one more thing to point out that due to our guests' memories we have an opportunity to take a new look at our land and discover habitual Kyrgyzstan from new point of view. This way our guests inspire us to create new programs and make us admiring our country once again. 

Dear friends, thank you so much for your memories. 

You are always welcome to Kyrgyzstan!

Sincerely tours, Edelweiss team.

 Photos by Federico Ibarreta © 

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Trip to a Nomad's land

September 20, 2015


September is a nice time to come to Kyrgyzstan. Despite of rainy weather in some regions of our country the nomadic tours still being attractive for visitors to Kyrgyzstan. Just recently we completed new group for combination tour of trekking and experiencing nomadic way of life. Some areas of nomad's habitation are quiet remote from many tourist points and can be reached only by special transport and then by foot. Nevertheless, we use army jeeps especially designed for difficult mountain roads. This kind of transportation really gives an imagination of what nomadic life is. It is a real understanding of living in mountains with unity with nature and time. This kind of program requires not only big interest towards nomadic way of life, but also a big courage to overcome the mountain marchroutes.




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